It’s real! It appears to be a [REDACTED]year old[REDACTED], but I assure you, it isn’t human. It’s…Just not. It looks and sounds that way, but the way it [REDACTED], and that [REDACTED] stare, and…

It screamed at me when it caught me filming, and ran away. The timestamps were glitched up when I got a shot of the thing…I know it isn’t a person. My work is done, but I don’t think faculty would believe me if they didn’t see it in person. I’ll tell them it’s a raccoon, that’ll give them some…CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART1CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART2CRYPTIDTYRIANPART3CRYPTIDTYRIANPART4CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART5CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART7CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART5CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART6CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART-8CRYPTIDTYRIAN2PART9precaution. I’m worried. Below are the pictures.

I think I’ll call it the Sinatra Boxchild.




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